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Drabbles- DIsney Style

((copy and pasted from Ask Box Memes- their theme wouldn’t let me reblog, but this is from them))

Leave one of these titles in my ask box, and I will write about the topic stated with them.

    1. The Crystal Chamber - my character discovers an ancient historical site with yours.
    2. A Whole New World - my character goes on a romantic journey/honeymoon with yours.
    3. Beware the Groove - my character gets angry with/wants to kill your character [specify which]
    4. (I won’t say) I’m in Love - my character falls in love with yours, but is too afraid to admit it.
    5. Aloha Oe - my character has to say goodbye to your character.
    6. Be Prepared - my character plots an evil scheme against your character
    7. Fathoms Below - AU universe where our characters are mermaids
    8. I’ll Make a Man out of You - my character decides to try and shape up yours.
    9. This is Gonna Be Good - my character learns your character is in fact alive after believing they were long dead.
    10. He Lives In You  - my character starts hearing your character’s voice in their head.
    11. Strangers Like Me - my character teaches yours about something new
    12. Married Life - a quick romantic drabble about your character and mine, from the moment they meet, till the day one of them dies.
    13. The Stroke of Midnight - our characters fall in love, but mine is forced to leave suddenly on the day of their meeting.
    14. On My Way - our characters go on a look walk together, trying to reach [destination of your choosing] for [reason of your choosing] 
    15. Magic Mirror - my character gets extremely jealous of yours
    16. One Jump Ahead - our characters are escaping the law together
    17. A Star is Born - your character becomes extremely famous, and my character watches their rise to fame from the sidelines.
    18. These Twists and Turns of Fate - your character fulfills a long awaited wish of my character [can be chosen by you, or left for me to decide]
    19. (You’re the) Devil in Disguise  - my character discovers something terrible about yours [can be chosen by you, or left for me to decide]
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